Nudic | Neck Support Brace for Pain Relief
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Neck Support Brace for Pain Relief


  • It provides an effective neck pain relief. It protects your neck from tilting and keeps the balance in place, thus giving it protection and preventing pain.
  • It has advanced ultra self-heating magnets with nano tourmaline which has advanced three dimensional healing techniques with infrared heat that makes the healing process faster and simpler.
  • It is able to provide quick results and recovery. Using this Nudic neck pain brace, you will find instant pain relief and comfort as you as you put it on. It is able to increase the blood circulation which further helps in quick recovery.
  • It is very comfortable. The fabric used in this neck brace will not create any discomfort and provides a strong and tight support to the neck, while staying light weight and comfortable.
  • It is long lasting and durable. It can be easily carried with you where ever you go since it is compact and if you suffer from neck pain on and off, it will definitely become an irreplaceable item on your list of necessities. Moreover, using it every day will still not create wear and tear as this is made of good quality that is long lasting.

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This head and neck brace from Nudic provides instant head and neck pain relief as it is equipped with advanced self heating magnets that are able to provide pain relief and heal any neck or head injuries. It can be strapped on easily around your neck and will stay fixed in one place. It provides the right support while not being uncomfortable. Many of us have gone through severe head or neck pain which becomes unbearable even after pain killers and over the counter medicines. Some people have constant neck aches for which they require some sort of a head or neck brace while others wear it temporarily after maybe a head or a neck injury or surgery. Whatever the reason is, a neck and head brace provides pain relief and fast results which helps in the healing process. Do not use this continuously for more then 15 minutes, Take a rest after every 8 to 20 minutes depends on your neck pain. If you have serious served pain then wear it some long time as long as you are comfortable.

Additional Information
Weight 81 g
Dimensions 15.2 × 10.2 × 4 cm


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